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Your water is quite alkaline and this will counter very rapidly any acidic conditions you.

Provide at least 1 inch of water per week for young plants and 1 1/2 to 3 inches of water a week for established plants. Wait until the first leaves of new plants reach full size and then Missing: Covina CA. Mar 23, Reddening of the leaves of blueberry plants can be caused by a lack of phosphorus. Although coffee grounds contain phosphorus, they are also highly acidic. If your blueberry plant were already in acidic soil as it should have been, you could have made it even more acidic rendering phosphorus insoluble and unavailable to the takedownbush.buzzg: Covina CA.

Burnt leaves on blueberry bush. Purchased a blueberry bush in early spring and planted it in my flower bed next to raspberry bushes.

I suspect your water is the problem.

I fertilized it and used the special low pH stuff for blueberry bushes. My bush has lots of berries on it. In the last week I have noticed some changes in the bush. takedownbush.buzzg: Covina CA.

blueberry bush leaves turning brown and falling off. February 12, in Uncategorized Missing: Covina CA. Jul 16, Saving a blueberry bush that lost all leaves. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 2 months 2 Earlier this year I bought a small blueberry bush at a local garden store.

Since it was written on the attached note that it can grow in a pot on the balcony without a problem, I bought bigger pot, some recommended soil (I used 'rhododendron soil' with a pH Missing: Covina CA.

Leaves are yellow: Yellowing is interveinal, not associated with browning. Interveinal yellowing is caused by iron deficiency, but is symptomatic of high soil pH. A high soil pH (>) results in the inability of the blueberry plant to use iron, causing a lack of chlorophyll production. Iron deficiency symptoms develop first in young takedownbush.buzzg: Covina CA.

Jul 19, Also, young plants create little shade, so the soil becomes very hot. As soils dry out lack of water causes edges and tips of blueberry leaves to dry out and turn brown.

This symptom is often confused with burn from a pesticide spray. The two drought stressed blueberry bushes show symptoms next to a less stressed takedownbush.buzzg: Covina CA. Sep 21, Look for red lesions on young shoots to diagnose stem canker in your blueberry plants. The best time to see the lesions is in fall or winter, after the leaves fall off.

Diagnose the fungal disease twig or stem blight by inspecting your blueberry plant for infected, dead twigs that rapidly die back up to 6 inches from the takedownbush.buzzg: Covina CA. It could be that your soil is draining away the water rapidly.

Our blueberry shrubs are all mulched with about 6 inches of shredded maple leaves, to help retain soil moisture.

Blueberry mosaic virus on highbush blueberry in late June.

One of mine is dropping berries. I'm thinking lack of pollination because the plant looks great and is growing like gang takedownbush.buzzg: Covina CA. May 29, A blueberry with iron deficiency has yellowing leaves with dark green veins, the new growth will be affected by this first. Now, before you run off and bury iron nails next to your blueberry bushes one of the biggest culprits of this problem isn't that the soil doesn't have enough iron, but that the plants can't use the iron in the takedownbush.buzzg: Covina CA.